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PWN's Fifth Annual Women's Empowerment Experience, Power in the Unknown, will continue PWN's mission to inspire, connect, and engage professional women. This is not your typical virtual experience. This experience aimed to empower women to successfully kickstart the new year, gaining access to an accomplished roster of professional women, dedicated to ensuring all women succeed. Through powerful keynote messaging, a virtual wine tasting, intimate roundtable sessions, and virtual networking attendees will gain the opportunity to expand their network.


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Speaker- P. Harris SM3.png
Speaker- C. Jones SM3.png
Speaker - A Abdelamlik SM3.png
Speaker- R. Dennis SM3.png
Speaker- K. Clark SM3@300x.png
Speaker- J. Rankin SM3@300x.png
Speaker- Rosemary Crawford SM3.png
Speaker -K. Tomlin SM3@300x.png
Speaker- D. Crawley SM3.png
Speaker- K. Carr SM3.png
Speaker- M Johnson SM3.png
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