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What is the Professional Women's Network?

Polaroid style collage of PWN members
Polaroid style collage of PWN members

The Professional Women’s Network aims to Nourish professional relationships, Inspire necessary change in personal and professional lives, Share career opportunities internally, Develop a core network of community leaders, Increase the impact of the professional women, Empower women, Encourage women to inspire their children, Educate women and their families.

PWN nourishes women to excel in their personal and professional lives while being a positive and active influence in their communities.

Polaroid style collage of members in PWN
Photo of Danielle Parson, founder of PWN


Danielle Parson is the visionary and founder behind PWN, the premiere organization for women. Based in Pittsburgh, she delivers intentional programming dedicated to connecting, engaging and inspiring women with a mission to create a more diverse pipeline of female leadership.


Click on the pictures to learn a little about each woman!
D. Parson.png

Danielle Parson 

C. Bell.png

Christina Bell 

A. Hill.png

Alisa Hill 

V. Robinson.png

Vandra L. Robinson 

Founder of  Professional Women's Network

N. Webster.png

Nicole Webster 

R. Jackson.png

Reesha L. Jackson

M Mailk.png

Monica Malik


Kenya Matthews 

Kandra Marie Strothers

Headshots (1).png

Dawnn Clisby

371425693_254384257469323_8740329895878398523_n (1)_edited.jpg

Amber D. Benjamin

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