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Nicole Webster

Nicole Webster is the Workplace Solutions and Corporate Citizenship Associate Manager for the Pittsburgh Office of Accenture. She is responsible for community outreach and engagement and works directly with the Employee Resource Groups to ensure they are working to create belonging and connection amongst their people, advancing Accenture’s Inclusion and Diversity priorities, and supporting initiatives to grow the business. Along with leading the local office operations, Nicole manages the relationships with several diverse nonprofits to amplify the office’s community impact when it comes to underserved and underrepresented people in the region. Nicole represents Accenture on several boards, including Gwen’s Girls, Healthy Start, the Professional Women’s Network and Best Buddies – all of whom focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging serving women and children of color and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Nicole lives by the motto, "The opposite of networking is not working." Her engaging and dynamic style of connecting with people has made her the go-to person for those looking to not only grow their network, but also expand their brand. Nicole is the person people want in the room to establish credibility, be the connector and initiate those important conversations. Her strengths focus around relationship building and leadership development.

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