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Amber D. Benjamin

In 2020, during the worldwide pandemic, Amber found herself helping clients during that very difficult time. She discovered that many were losing their jobs and they did not have the necessary tools to make them stand out when securing new employment. When her own son encountered job loss, she helped him create a resume that landed him a better paying position. Amber knew that it was time to put the skills that she had learned as a young woman to good use and set about the mission to guide African American job seekers through the processes necessary to get back on their feet. After doing extensive research and networking, Amber was ready for the next chapter of her professional life as an entrepreneur and NXT LEVEL GROWTH was born.

With NXT LEVEL GROWTH, Amber’s goal is to build respectability, while developing her clients’ comfortability with both in person and virtual interviews. She provides many services to help her clients make their best first impression. Her resume design is lauded as clean, polished, and attention grabbing. Amber’s Bio writing leaves her clients feeling the impact of their accomplishments through another perspective. The dexterity that she imparts to her clients, while guiding them through proper interview preparation, resume revision and memorable biography composition is knowledge & impact that will serve her customers well going forward.

Amber takes great pride in what she does. During the day she works as a Learning & Development Consultant for PNC Bank. She is also the President of PNC’s African American Employee Business Resource Group (AA EBRG), Sub-Committee Member of the Racial & Social Justice Committee, and an active member of the Regional D&I Council all in Pittsburgh. Amber invests time volunteering to make a difference in the lives of children from birth to the age of 5 through PNC’s Grow Up Great initiative which supports families, educators, and community partners to provide innovative opportunities that enhances the learning and development in a child’s early years. Most recently Amber herself has begun to write children’s books that demonstrates strong family dynamics, inclusion, and early childhood development. 


Outside of PNC Benjamin Amber is called upon to help mentor young women though the She Loves collective ran by Candise Rice. As a member of PEEL (Pittsburgh’s Elevated & Emerging Leaders), Amber has hosted Professional Development seminars related to resume building and career growth. WIN (Women in Networking) has tapped Amber to share her professional experience that embarks on her journey of challenges and wins in both business and as a corporate employee.

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