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Founded in 2016, PWN is a dynamic network committed to nourishing women to excel in their personal and professional lives while being a positive and active influence in their communities.


PWN connects women dedicated to building a stronger pipeline of female leadership. 

Why Join PWN? To be apart of a community of leaders with a passion to see all women succeed. PWN events are true experiences to meet someone new, learn of new opportunities, and share experiences.


Your membership provides:

  • Access to PWN’s diverse and inclusive network of women leaders 

  • Discounted and pre-sale rates for PWN events including:

    • PWN's Women's Empowerment Experience​

    • Ladies Who Lead

    • Power Hour

    • Executive Roundtable Sessions

    • Wine Experience

  • The opportunity to build successful relationships with professional women 


Join our email listing today to stay update with upcoming events and activities!

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