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to all the amazing attendees and speakers who made PWN's 8th Annual Women's Empowerment Experience truly extraordinary! Your presence and contributions made it an unforgettable event. Exciting things are ahead as PWN elevates to new heights.Join us on this empowering journey!


PWN’s 8th Annual Women’s Empowerment Experience, Elevate & Influence: Women Nourishing Excellence in Life and Community.

This event will be a hybrid event. We are featuring several of PWN’s signature events. Saturday, January 20th, PWN will present a virtual executive roundtable sessions, designed to allow an intimate conversation with professional women from a range of different backgrounds and several different states. We will share successes and challenges to help each other achieve personal and professional goals.

On Saturday evening, our VIP guests will be invited to an exclusive special wine tasting at Rodef Shalom with our featured speaker, Chrishon Lampley, founder & owner of Love, Cork Screw.

Then, on Sunday, January 21st we invite our gu
ests for lunch at the Energy Innovation Center. Our Founder Danielle Parson, will lead us in a Fireside Chat with our featured speaker  Chrishon Lampley.


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Love Cork Screw, INC. is a brand that embodies the paradox of creating something new while paying homage to classic elements. Chrishon Lampley, the founder of Love Cork Screw, has leveraged her 20 years of industry experience to create a unique brand that has captured the hearts of consumers across the nation. Love Cork Screw, founded in 2013, has expanded its offerings to include wine-scented candles in addition to their wine portfolio. Their rapid expansion has led to over 1,800 locations.

The success of Love Cork Screw can be attributed to Lampley’s ability to navigate the complexities of the marketplace while staying true to her vision. Her mentorship efforts, dedication to community engagement, and commitment to creating opportunities for underrepresented communities are just a few of the many ways she has proven to be a
leader and trailblazer in the industry.

Love Cork Screw’s success has not gone unnoticed, with several amazing collaborations, including a partnership with the Peacock Network, and features in numerous publications such as Forbes Magazine, Essence, People Magazine, and Wine Enthusiast, to name a few. Lampley’s journey and the success of Love Cork Screw serve as a reminder of the
importance of staying true to one’s vision while remaining adaptable in an ever-evolving marketplace. The brand’s continued growth and recognition are a testament to Lampley’s unwavering commitment to her craft and the community she serves.

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